Mammut Group has designed, manufacture and distribute a new dewatering concept for all construction projects. Our revolutionary system is very easy to install!

This product called Super Pile Mini, Super Pile and Super Pile Mega, is the solution for water accumulation inside your excavations.

You can lower the water level by installing wells capture system with a geo-grid filters unique to Mammut Group.

Our Super Piles are available in three (3) sizes and two (2) versions: static or vacuum.

The static system, allows the insertion of a pump inside the pile to pump water.

The vacuum system, is provided at its end, with an attachment system for connecting vacuum pump.

Our Super Piles can be use to extract and limit water and/or contaminated products and may be relevant when a spilling occurred.

In addition, our product can be used to dry stockpile of wet materials by air injection.

To know our distributors for sale or lease, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Dewatering Drawing

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